With the help of this baby shower planning guide, you’re going to throw a very cool baby shower. A baby shower is really one of the easiest parties to throw.

Of course, it is still just a party, and there are several things you must think about and decide upon before the big day. Things such as who will host the shower, how much you want to spend, picking a time and date, who you’ll invite, where the shower will be held, the theme, invitations, the food you will serve, decorations, and whether or not you will play games or give out favors, and if you do, what they will be.

Whew! Baby shower planning sounds more daunting than it really is. After all, if you are reading this, you’ve probably already answered the first question — who will host the party – and probably have a good idea of how you will handle the other decisions. So let’s just tackle each decision one at a time. I’ll generally go through each of the decisions here and you can click on each link to get more in depth information.

You can also print out a checklist that will give you a good visual picture of where you are, and what you still need to complete.  Let’s get started!Here are posts that you might enjoy:

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